5 Essential Tips for Choosing the Right Glenmoor Home for Your Family


Navigate the Glenmoor real estate market like a pro and find a beautiful new home.

The home-buying journey is an exciting milestone and the beginning of an amazing new chapter in your life. Every journey should have an expert guide, and the local real estate team at Marinelli Real Estate is here to guide you through the Glenmoor real estate market so that you can find a home you love without being overwhelmed by the process.

Whether you're just starting to consider a new home or have already begun touring a few Glenmoor homes for sale, try implementing these top tips into your home-buying strategy. Read on for a few ideas for making sure the next home you put an offer on is a great fit for your dreams and lifestyle. We will also explore how to be a savvy homebuyer in a busy, complex market.

Tip #1: Know your must-haves and want-to-haves so you can decide whether a home is a good fit

Most prospective homeowners know what they want in their next house, whether it's an "I'll know it when I see it" feeling or a few non-negotiable points. Sitting down with your spouse, family, or co-owner to iron out your must-have features can help you determine what to look for when buying a house. Write down anything that falls into these four categories:
  1. Essentials or must-haves: If the house doesn't have it, it's a poor fit.
  2. Wish-to-haves: List things about a property you'd be happy to see but can be content without (or can add later).
  3. Absolutely nots: If the house has anything on this list, it's also a poor fit.
  4. Make-dos: These are elements you'd rather not see but that you can live with or address after you own the home (such as older carpeting styles or paint colors you don't like).
A clear picture of “yes” and “no” elements can help you quickly add or remove properties from your list to narrow down your search. If you're working with a real estate agent, this list can help streamline the process and ensure that every home you see is a better match.

Tip #2: Test-drive your daily route to make sure you can handle the commute

If you're particularly interested in Glenmoor homes for sale or even want to live on a specific street, get a taste of daily living by test-driving your commute. See what driving to or past busy schools in the mornings is like. Try the 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on the 880 and the 84. You can even map out the routes to your preferred grocery store, such as the Whole Foods just a couple blocks away, or the best local beaches. As you drive, you'll gain a clearer idea of which parts of Glenmoor are an excellent fit for your unique schedule and destinations.

Nicole Herrmann, Realtor with Marinelli Real Estate Team, offers, “While you may not be able to experience life in your new home until you buy it, this expert tip can get you close”.

Tip #3: Ask about homeowners' associations and any restrictions

Being aware of potential obligations and restrictions on a property can help you decide if it's the right fit for you. A neighborhood group may prohibit certain features, such as paint colors or fence materials. The HOA may also manage the community pool or walking paths.

While you can view the streets and pick up on similarities between properties that imply specific rules and regulations, the best course of action is to ask. Ask the listing agent, your real estate agent, or even the neighbors about the HOA rules. If, for example, you plan on building a custom pool in the backyard and putting a privacy fence up, you'll want to know which properties allow it.

Chuck Herrmann Realtor with Marinelli Real Estate Team grew up in Glenmoor and says you’ll find Glenmoor among the most lenient associations. Then again he’ll explain that there is a restriction for adding a second story.

Tip #4: Work with an agent early in the process

We've mentioned real estate agents a couple of times in this article. Real estate agents are helpful guides for anyone looking to buy a home. If you're new to California or the Fremont area, an experienced real estate agent is even more vital for supporting you as you navigate the market. Agents have a fiduciary duty to prioritize your interests, and local agents will be highly versed in standard market prices and trends for the neighborhoods that you're interested in. Product Knowledge is key and an area expert can save a buyer both time and money.
Some of the key benefits of working with a local real estate agent early in the process include:
  • More showing availability: Instead of only viewing homes during bustling open houses, your agent can show you properties at more convenient times according to your schedule.

  • Speed: If you see a home you like, you don't want to wait. A real estate agent can quickly assemble your offer and submit it to the listing agent.

  • You’ll see more options: Real estate agents have access to the MLS, which displays vital information about properties coming soon and updates faster than Zillow or other consumer-facing real estate websites.

  • Inside info on many sold properties right in the area that you’ve fallen in love with.
Some buyers are wary of working with an agent early in the process because they don’t realize that home sellers cover the commission for both the listing agent and the buyer's real estate agent. So if you're working with a traditional real estate professional, you pay nothing for their services.

Tip #5: Be ready to move quickly — but don't let yourself be rushed

While the real estate market has cooled ever so slightly in the Glenmoor area, 2023 is still a hot market, and homes move quickly from “available” to “pending” to “sold.” Once you see a property you like, you must be ready to write an offer with your agent so they can submit it to the listing agent according to their ‘deadline’ or offer date.

We recommend putting together everything you need to make a competitive offer so before you continue your search, obtain: a pre-approval letter from your lender, any supporting documentation, and proof of funds. Then, all you have to do is decide on an offer price and details specific to the home you're interested in. At this point your agent can prepare the offer for your signatures and send it in for the sellers consideration. With this prep work in place, you won't have to feel rushed or scramble to put together a last-minute offer once you’ve found the home you love.

The homes in Glenmoor are not only well built but beautiful - find one where you feel at home with The Marinelli Real Estate Team

Many of the gorgeous homes for sale in Glenmoor would be a wonderful fit for your next stage in life. The trick is finding the right home and making the right offer. The trusted agents at Marinelli Real Estate team have decades of local expertise to help on that journey. Contact Anthony Marinelli, Broker, or Realtor’s Nicole Herrmann (his daughter/[partner) and Chuck Herrmann (Nicole's husband) today to schedule a meeting, and they’ll help you navigate the Glenmoor real estate scene with all of the history and none of the stress. Start exploring beautiful Glenmoor homes for sale today!

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