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Marinelli Real Estate has been a family-operated real estate company since 1988. Anthony first started with his brother as a partner, and soon after their sister joined. Since both of them moved to different states, his daughter Nicole joined him. Marinelli Real Estate has often been in the top ten highest producers in the competitive Fremont market against larger teams. Year after year they have achieved the highest level of success in volume of homes sold. Maintaining this position got even easier since Nicole's husband Chuck joined the team.


My mom told me it was some time on my way to Kindergarten when I asked, "Daddy, what does a Re-lator do?" His response went something like… “We’re called Realtors honey and we’re like snowflakes, no two are exactly alike but we all sell houses.” I then asked, “How do you move them?” My dad explained the house stays put, one family moves out and another family moves in. Thinking back, his clients were always thanking him, so I knew he must’ve been good at being a “re-lator”. I now realize what he actually did was help people come to terms with leaving homes where they’d made years and years of memories. Then, help them into new homes that better fit their more immediate needs, all while getting the highest price for them as sellers and the best deal possible for them as buyers. My dad started his career in 1988, the year I was born. To this day he is constantly getting industry awards and thank you notes from title companies and lenders. Though his deepest satisfaction comes from great reviews from our clients and hearing from his many happy customers. I am so fortunate to have been able to shadow such a force of nature and learn from a professional like my dad Anthony.


My daughter Nicole has been a perfectionist since she was old enough to have an eraser at the end of her pencil. For example; if while doing penmanship homework she'd make a mistake, she'd erase the whole page and start over. Fast forward to high school/college, Nicole maintained a 4.0 average while working a part-time job and studying ballet. I knew whomever was lucky enough to hire her would have a superstar on their team. Little did I know she'd join me in real estate after a successful 9 years in NYC graduating Suma Cum Laude in the field of design, five of which working as shoe designer. Having been 'a sponge in the room' in the presence of my brother, a real estate Broker and sister, a Realtor, it wasn't as though I was teaching her as much as she was remembering everything she'd heard. Since 2015 our clients have enjoyed Nicole's design ideas, color choices, and youthful energy. That is on top of her ability to handle the mountain of disclosures, inspections and contracts that are so critical to a smooth sales experience. It's no surprise that within 5 years of joining Marinelli Real Estate, Nicole earned her way to partner.

I've always known my husband Chuck would be great for real estate. Since 2015, we have shared an office and Chuck was there absorbing it all. If I was a sponge, as my dad put it, then Chuck was an "information vacuum".  Before long he was discussing real estate with me as an equal. I thought he just had a healthy curiosity about it, but then in 2020 he told me he was going to look into getting his real estate license! I guess it didn't really surprise me, as he was already in sales and he's a natural. Having grown up in Glenmoor and having been on the swim team, Washington High football team and baseball team, there isn't a day that goes by where Chuck doesn't flex his competitive muscles or bump into somebody he knows. After graduating from SDSU, he navigated the sports television world at CBS, then the wine and spirits industry, before joining us in the family business! I couldn't be happier to work with my husband every day. 
My son-in-law Chuck has unofficially been in our family since 2004, as he and Nicole began dating when they were 16. Even then he was immersed in the real estate world, as I'd use his energy to help us distribute our newsletters. He'd always have a pertinent real estate question to ask and was genuinely interested in the answer. At the time, I had no idea training had already begun. Being from Glenmoor, Chuck often gets asked for a hand by our Glenmoor clientele. Chuck has a results-driven nature, a great personality and our clients just love him. Not to mention he could move most refrigerators single handedly!  And whether he is helping with real estate questions or even moving that refrigerator, Chuck is a valuable asset to the team. 

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A Family Real Estate Team. Specializing in Fremont & the Tri-City area for over 30 years.

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