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When you're ready to purchase a home, it's easy to get caught up in things like budgets, taxes, insurance, and loan interest rates, all while trying to find a space you genuinely love. It's a lot for anyone to keep track of and can lead to settling for a property you're not passionate about from sheer exhaustion. 


Buying or selling a house is already a monumental life change with physical, emotional, and financial ramifications. That's why it's in your best interest to work with a real estate team that can lift that burden off of your shoulders. Nicole and Anthony notice things you might miss, leaving you free to take care of your family and prepare for the move rather than stressing about everything from performing to a contract to scheduling repairs or improvements on your new home.


Marinelli Real Estate helps clients understand the advantages and disadvantages, features, and benefits of what you're buying. While you're looking at the big picture, they focus on the details and pinpoint things the average person doesn't know to ask or might not notice. Nicole and Anthony can give you solutions to perceived negatives and quantify the costs involved.

Our Experience


Before her real estate career, Nicole was a successful shoe designer in NYC. She explains the construction of a shoe isn't all that different from the construction of a house. A shoe's sole is similar to a house's foundation. The differences between a flat and a heeled shoe are comparable to a slab foundation versus a raised foundation. Floor plan design is like engineering the upper part of a shoe, both being the canvas on which to build the esthetic. Interior designers take their cues from the space and light in a floor plan, and like shoe designers add style, texture, form and color to complete their vision.


It all starts with product knowledge which unfortunately is too often absent from a home sale or purchase. A shoe-last is the structure designers build off of to create new designs, similar to vehicle chassis auto manufacturers build multiple cars upon. Nicole is great at drawing out her buyers esthetic to find the correct floor plan to build upon to achieve their vision in the most cost effective way. If you want to turn that house into a home, Nicole is the type of person you want to facilitate a purchase or prepare for a sale.


Nicole has a principled, honest approach. After all, art is a means to the acquisition of truth. Having a BFA from the Fashion Institute of Technology with over 5 years experience working for Vince Camuto and Kenneth Cole, As well as her total immersion real estate training since 2014, Nicole leads with creativity and backs it up with exemplary customer service and superior knowledge of real estate.


Before His real estate career, Anthony was a professional musician in NYC. He explains, real estate sales like music, is show business. In a performance he controls what the audience sees and hears the same way he prepares a listing to show well to potential buyers. As he would stylize a song in a specific genre to make it his own, he also strives to enhance the look of his listings with suggested improvements and staging. You might say they create, direct and stage manage their listings; From what to do, who to hire, all the way through to ‘opening night’! 


Throughout his many decades in the industry, Anthony has been present during the construction of multiple tracts. He would later wind up selling these homes as well as attending countless home inspections in them. This hands-on experience and dedication to his craft give him an added edge and a unique understanding of the local market and each development's strengths and weaknesses. In addition, Anthony has seen many changes that homeowners and their architects have come up with and can lead clients to the hits while avoiding the misses.


Between their professional network, years of experience, and market expertise, Marinelli Real Estate has the knowledge and forethought to empower buyers to understand what they are bidding on and how the comparables measure up in contrast to other property options to make well-informed offers. Sellers receive insight into their home's value so that they can measure it against similar properties that might be built differently than their own. Most importantly, sellers are given concrete guidance on how to ensure the outcome by doing the things that will earn the highest return on their most valuable investment. 


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