Niles Canyon Ghost Story

02/14/22  |  Anthony Marinelli

Fremont Frights

Having sold Niles Fremont real estate for well over three decades I've had a few local characters regale me the Niles Canyon ghost story. It is the Northern California variation on the vanishing hitchhiker archetype. It is as easy to hear a variation of this story as it is to find a Fremont realtor.


All accounts include a girl being involved in some sort of motor vehicle accident on February 28th (though the year may vary). One such variation of the story includes a girl being involved in a car crash on Niles Canyon Road on the way back from her prom. The girl died on impact and to this day is said to haunt the dark, winding Niles Canyon Road every February 28th.


While showing Fremont real estate to a good number of out of the area clients, it is hard not to pass on the local folk-lore. The tale of the haunting goes that people traveling along Niles Canyon Road on the night of February 28th will see a normal-looking high school-aged girl walking along the road in a prom dress (many say it is white). More often than not, it's a dark rainy night when people driving along the road (mostly traveling alone) have said to have stopped and offered the girl a ride. She accepts, giving the driver an address across the Dumbarton Bridge. Once the driver reaches the beginning of the bridge, the girl will disappear with the only proof left behind being the wet car seat where she'd been sitting. It is claimed that some people have gone to the address to find that a girl many years ago matching her description once lived there.


Many people still travel along this treacherous pitch black winding road late February 28th in hopes of catching a glimpse of the Niles Canyon ghost. 


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