Ardenwood Real Estate - The Gregory Group

01/23/23  |  Anthony Marinelli

At the end of 1987, the Bay Park development by the Gregory Group broke ground between Shattuck Ave and Ardenwood Historic Farm. Before the model homes were built, there was a line of people waiting outside of the sales trailer on the site. (Yea, we had crazy markets back then too LOL). This was before I had my real estate license and was holding a place for my older brother in line. Though he was not able to get the floorplan and lot he wanted, I began to get valuable insight as to the differences of building quality, market forces and demographics of our area that are valid to this day.

Did you know there is only one home in the whole development that has a fireplace in the master bedroom? One of the sales managers bought it and got special dispensation for the plan change.

After having sold many of their homes in the resale market, I was invited to Gregory Group's Monday morning sales meetings to help with sales strategy in a changing market. (Yea, we had soft markets following crazy markets back then too LOL). They asked for my input regarding best use of incentives without signaling weakness by lowering purchase prices. This is particularly important in tract home sales as new homeowners do not like to see their floorplan's price drop just after they move in. Agents I mentor are in need of the same info today. 

Oh, and it turns out I bought a Gregory Group Home in Niles in 1991. 

In the latter part of the 1990's, I received a call from the retired 1st principal at Forest Park Elementary. The school had won their 1st National Blue Ribbon and she was asked back to receive the accolades. She felt it was the children who earned it and wanted an actual Blue Ribbon for each student as a keepsake. It seems there was no money in the budget for such extravagances so she started a phone campaign to find donors. I asked how much was needed to reach her goal. $250 was her response. She was an educator after all, not a fundraiser, so I was proud to foot the bill for the blue ribbons, and the ceremony was adorable. When we represent our area as having great schools and we have great stories to help buyers understand why.

To this day we are honored to hold the record for most homes sold in Bay Park. The cornerstones of great real estate representation are; Product knowledge, Pricing, Preparation and Marketing.

If you want your home mindfully marketed for the best possible outcome, call us today. The Marinelli Real Estate Team, the best insurance policy for a great result.