Ardenwood Real Estate - Bedford Park

10/10/22  |  Anthony Marinelli

In 1988, the Bedford Park development by Donald Bren in Fremont, CA, broke ground between Shattuck Ave and Ardenwood Historic Farm. Shortly after the model homes were built, the market started showing signs of a slow down (Yea, Fremont real estate had trying markets back then too LOL). By then, I had sold many condos in Summerfield (at the corner of Crandallwood and Siward) and Roseanne, the sales agent for Bedford Park, needed us to help her with standing inventory. Because of this leverage, we were able to negotiate on behalf of our trade-up sellers from Summerfield and get them some great incentives. Everything from appliance upgrades, to credits toward closing cost, and sometimes both. 


Did you know, there is one set of homes at the SW corner of Ridgewood Drive and Caldwell Terrace location, built about 2 years after the rest and not by Donald Bren? They were built where the model home parking lot was located and actually have a few improvements that none of the others do (a result of code changes in 1991). Did you also know that there are only three of the 1,655 sq ft floor plans in the development that have reconfigured the upstairs to 3 bedrooms? We were lucky to have sold 2 of them. 


In 1991, when Nicole was just 3, my wife and I were considering the detached 1,769 sq ft “Wetherby” floor plan in Bedford Park, Ardenwood. We ended up falling in love with a home in the Niles neighborhood. However, we still like the “Wetherby” floorplan today, which is a testament to great architecture and a quality build. There are at least  3 or 4 differences in the “Wetherby” home construction that other Ardenwood properties do not have. If a Realtor doesn't know this, the items will not be marketed. If they aren't marketed, buyers won't know about them and if buyers don't know about them, they won't pay for them. Or worse, they might pass on the home entirely.


Since we had sold many Ardenwood homes at Bedford Park, Roseanne began referring any buyer that needed to sell their home to us.


At this time, the market had slowed down to a crawl and it was critical that her buyers be given proper advice on what it took to sell their home in that environment. We not only got them what the market would bear, but often additional incentives added from the builder even if the market wouldn't bear. Although we knew Forest Park Elementary School would be built and marketed it as a value added benefit, we didn't know exactly when or how good a school it would come to be. It wasn't attended until 1995.


Not wanting to signal weakness by lowering purchase prices, Rosanne needed my input regarding best use of incentives to make more deals happen. This is particularly important in tract home sales as new homeowners do not like to see their floorplan's price drop just after they move in. Even today, agents we mentor are still in need of the same guidance.


We are the proud record holders for most Ardenwood homes sold in Bedford Park. Accumulated knowledge of each sale benefits our next client. The cornerstones of great real estate representation remain: Product knowledge, Pricing, Preparation, Marketing and Negotiation.


If you want your Fremont real estate mindfully marketed for the best possible outcome, call us today. The Marinelli Real Estate Team...  the best insurance policy for a great result.