4 Attributes All Great Realtors Should Have


Look for these skill sets in a talented real estate agent who will help you navigate through the fast-paced Fremont market.

Whether you’re beginning your search for Ardenwood homes for sale, Glenmoor homes for sale, or Niles Fremont homes for sale, one of the biggest decisions you’ll make will be hiring a great real estate agent. Same goes for putting your home on the market. With the price of homes these days, it’s going to be a major transaction, and you want to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

That’s where a licensed, experienced real estate agent comes in. Even if you’ve bought or sold homes before, nobody has ever seen a market quite like this. If you’re looking to buy a home, you’ll want to find as good a deal as possible, given the market conditions that generally favor sellers. And if you’re selling, you’ll want to make as big a profit as possible. If you don’t hire the right real estate agent, costly mistakes can be made. Such as: Not pricing correctly… Not preparing the home to show its best… Not repairing obvious turn-offs.

What makes a great realtor?

There are many factors that you should consider when hiring an agent to represent you in any real estate transaction, especially those for Glenmoor real estate, Niles real estate and Ardenwood real estate. Given the average age of the homes, there are items that should be handled even before inspections so they don’t ever get on the reports. Some factors will become obvious early in the process, and others will make themselves evident as it comes down to crunch time - which is when an experienced agent will shine. An effective agent will manage client expectations during the offer process, inspection process, negotiations, and the many steps during escrow and closing. With such an agent there are no surprises unless they are good ones.

Great communications skills

As you sit down to interview candidates
, you’ll begin to get a sense of their interpersonal communications skills. You’ll want to work with a strong communicator who will explain complicated real estate terminology and processes to you in simple terms that you will quickly grasp. After all, if they can do this with you, odds are they are handling buyers and buyers agents questions well also. Any Fremont home sale can have steps that might be unfamiliar or confusing to you, but a great agent will expertly navigate through them while explaining each step to you in precise detail.

Bay Area real estate transactions can move quickly, especially for sought-after luxury Glenmoor real estate, so you’ll be in constant contact with your agent. Find out during the interview process how many clients an agent has at any given time and get an idea of how much time he or she will be able to devote to your transaction. It’s not unusual for an agent to be working with multiple clients at one time, but you don’t want to go with an agent who won’t be able to dedicate enough time to your transaction. Did they answer the phone when you tried to make first contact? Do they respond quickly to texts?  After all, your agent is likely to become your new best friend during the process and communication is key to the relationship.

Trust, the five most important letters in real estate…

Going hand-in-hand with communications is trust. You want to work with an agent who will have your best interest in mind at every step along the way, rather than one who is focusing on the commission or more concerned with padding his or her sales stats. Reviews can be a great aid in choosing an agent. This will help you get a peek into where the agent's loyalties lie. The best agents know that by working hard and working smart their clients’ trust will follow. Doing a great job in sealing a great deal will turn their clients into fans. Whether strategizing ways to get clients into Ardenwood homes for sale, or working hard to get top dollar while selling your Niles home, selling in the fewest days possible usually goes along with getting the best price possible. At the same time, buying in the fewest number of  days possible helps in securing the finest properties that come to market.

Plus, you’ll be relying solely on your agent for advice during important moments such as; do you  take a top dollar offer that isn’t backed by solid financing or one for less with airtight financing… or even all cash. When it comes crunch time for decisions like that, it’s nice to know you can count on your agent and end up with a great sales experience. Remember, great agents have been through many transactions and with that breadth of experience will encourage you through to the best possible outcome..

Tech skills

Let’s face it, the real estate game has changed dramatically thanks to technology. The great agents — especially in the Bay Area, home to Silicon Valley — have to be tech-savvy to keep up with the trends and the fast-paced market. A great agent will use data and extensive knowledge of online marketing to assist you in your transaction, including homes for sale in Niles Fremont, CA. Agents know how to use data and the internet to find homes that match your wish list and then quickly arrange for a private showing.

They also know that many buyers begin their search online, especially in the wake of the pandemic. If you are selling your home, look for an agent who knows how to produce a visually striking and informative listing, including one with many photographs taken by a professional. Agents know about all the big real estate websites, of course, as well as more-specific local websites that can help get your home sold quicker.

A professional website is a crucial component in real estate sales and the jewelbox your home will be presented in. In choosing an agent, look for consistency in staging and photography. Ask if they have vetted contractors that can help with any updates or changes that would give you a leg up on the competition.

Whether you are buying or selling, a great agent knows how to run a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), which is the process of comparing similar homes to find out fair-market values of homes. That is invaluable in both setting a competitive listing price for sellers and deciding on an offer price for buyers.

Negotiating skills

Whether representing you during a home purchase or sale, a great agent will have honed his or her negotiating skills over the years with the intent of getting you the best deal possible. Agents representing buyers will look for ways to get their clients into the home no matter how hot the market is. Conversely, they will know how far to push when the market is cooling down to insure a reasonable purchase price.

For instance, if you are looking for homes for sale in Ardenwood Fremont, CA, he or she will reach out to the seller’s agent to find out the motivation for listing the home and then ask if there is anything specific that could help get the buyer’s offer accepted. That could include a clean offer with no contingencies or allowing the seller to rent back the home if they still must find a new home to buy.

On the flip side, a seller’s agent will help the client narrow down the offers and then either negotiate with the most desired one or invite all interested parties to submit their best, final offer and then take it from there.

Partner with the best agents

Having a great grasp of your real estate agent’s skills will help make the process of buying homes for sale in Ardenwood easier and more enjoyable. When you’re ready to jump into the market, let the family-oriented Marinelli Real Estate Team put its unique talents to work for you.

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